Ajoy Rajani

About the Speaker
  • Ajoy Rajani
  • Sr. Vice President, Smart Grid, Reliance Infrastructure

Ajoy Rajani has been a technology disrupter in the IoT and M2M space for the past 18 years– he pioneered M2M, Broadband over Powerlines & Automatic Meter Reading amongst many other things in India, and he continues to enjoy introducing disruptive products into established markets.

He has been at the forefront of innovation in Communication technologies particularly Power line and Wireless Communications.

His role at organisation has been in innovating, disrupting established prices and creating new markets. Some of his notable achievements are.

  • He devised the unique architecture for CDMA IOT for which he was awarded the Global 3G industry award. This paved the way for M2M using CDMA in India.
  • His individual efforts at Reliance led to reduction of the cost of handsets and terminal devices by over 100% of the then established prices.
  • Known for his passion for technology and his work with technocrats, he contributed significantly to the National Smart Grid Roadmap (of India) and standardisation efforts at BIS for Smart Meters and Communications.
  • He was appointed on board of CDMA Development Group and is presently on the board of India Smart Grid Forum and chairs the Metering, Communications and Analytics Working Groups.
  • His current focus is on Artificial Intelligence and Block chain including IOT & Smart Metering initiatives in Reliance. He currently heads the IT, Technology and Cyber Security at Reliance Infrastructure Limited.