Sanjay Sahay

About the Speaker
  • Sanjay Sahay
  • Director General of Police, Karnataka Lokayukta

Sanjay Sahay is a post graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. He belongs to the 1989 batch of the IPS, borne on Karnataka Cadre. Accomplished a high degree of professionalism in wide and varied professional assignments and finally got groomed and refined into an officer who has 360 degrees experience of all policing tasks, simultaneously maintaining keen interest in all staff functions and a passion for usage of appropriate technology in policing at all levels and in all fields. Important assignments have provided immense value to his professional persona. He has worked as Superintendent of Police in three districts, as IG of Eastern Range headquartered at Davangere, two UN missions in Kosovo, Yugoslavia and Southern Sudan and headed Karnataka Police Computerization, State Crime Records Bureau and Police Communications. Till recently he was Additional Director General of Police incharge of Public Grievances, Human Rights, Police Housing and Welfare & incharge MD of the Karnataka State Police Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. Presently he is working as Additional Director General of Police, Karnataka Lokayukta located at Bangalore.

He is credited to have created an enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, the Police IT; based on .Net Platform, with 2.5 million lines of coding, 517 screens, 422 reports. This robust software is fully operational from 1607 locations since 2011. This is supported by broadband networking, an Intranet; Karnataka State Police Wide Area Network, KSPWAN and Karnataka State Police Data Center, KSPDC, a Tier II Data Center, running on Private Cloud. He is the creator of this unique IT ecosystem.

He has gained immense expertise in a broad band of technologies like TETRA, Geospatial Technology, ERP, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Big Data. In the last posting he made the ambitious Police Welfare Project of Cashless Hospitalisation, Arogya Bhagya Yojane, online. It has around 2,83,000 subscribers. He also headed the ambitious police housing project of building 11,000 houses at the cost of Rs. 2272 Crores.

He is the founding Chairman of the Karnataka State Police Electronic Systems Validation Committee created in Oct 2013 and continues to this day. He is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of Maharashtra Cyber Security Program, a Rs. 838 Crore project. Presently, working for the creation of an Integrated Command & Control Center for the state. It would be futuristic, envisioned to be an integration of Dail 100, CCTV networks with analytics, fire, ambulance, disaster, Police IT database, social media & electronic media filtering with TETRA being the redundant network and C4i software as the integration tool. It will have end to end support of locational services and geospatial technology.

He founded the Experiential Learning Lectures on the 19th of May 2012 and has five well researched lectures by now and many repeats of these lectures on Innovation, Creating Your Own Identity, Leading through Conflict, Medical Ethics and Cyber Security. This lecture series aims at providing a blend of practitioners expertise and an academicians deep knowledge and insight. He is a renowned professional public speaker on an array of topics inclusive of most of the topical ones like Smart Policing, Digital India and Safe & Secure Cities. His lectures provide one of its kind connect with the world, is erudite and incisive and at times provides contrarian thought to the established lines of thinking, well substantiated, nonetheless.

Based on his experience of executing Police IT Projects and a host of other associated technologies he has emerged he has emerged as a pioneer in Cyber Security end to end from critical infrastructure cyber breaches to Cyber Forensics and endless issues in the interregnum. He is a leading expert on Cyber Security in India. He has delivered more than two dozen lectures only on Cyber Security at reputed seminars and conferences, academic institutions and government forums in the last two years. He a known face in reputed Cyber Security Conferences and big business brand names keenly associate with him like FICCI, ASSOCHAM, CII, ISACA, ISMG, host of IT companies - MNCs & Indian and academic & research institutions namely IITs, IIMs etc.

He believes that we are living in a world of Disruptive Innovation, where emerging technologies make the world exponential compared to the linear progression we have experienced throughout human history. The old mindset is not going to deliver and like the Kodak Moment can make any of us or the organisation extinct in no time. Aggregation is name of the game & with immense technological facilitation the world is bound to change beyond our imagination. From Blockchain Technology to Artificial Intelligence, host of these technologies will define the world in the making.

He is a technology evangelist, management guru and an eGovernance expert in his own right. He has been writing articles for a large number of magazines, mostly professional ones. In last couple of months his three articles have appeared in Express Computer, the oldest computer magazine in the country. He writes a Daily Post on Whatapp which has crossed 400 posts days back to back on literally every topic. Readers of these Daily Posts wait for it everyday, an addiction so to say. There is no writer who has written so consistently on a format which is his creation for the general readers. A voracious reader enjoys reading the likes of Malcolm Gladwell, Jim Collins, Thomas Friedman and Daniel Goleman.

His hobbies ranging from yoga to photography and is deeply passionate about the recent initiatives of Digital India, “SMART” Policing and Smart Cities. Of late he has developed keen interest in Emerging & Converging Technologies like Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Drones and 3D Printing.

A man in the public domain with a philosophy to Make Change Happen, is consistently making it happen in Policing, Governance, Management & Technology.